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Celebrate stress-free school supply shopping with us!


PackEd - We make school supply shopping easy.

Finishing your school supply shopping is just a click away. PackEd is your virtual personal assistant. We collect all money, prepare orders for each student and deliver popular name-brand products to your school or home. There are no contracts, minimum orders or costs to participate.

PackEd School Supplies - For Schools and School Districts

Schools & School Districts

  1.  Visit our "School Partnerships" ASAP.
  2. Upload your supply lists.
  3. Give marketing material to parents.
  4. Make life easier for your families so they can enjoy summer!
PackEd School Supplies - For Families


  1. Check to see if your school is listed as a partner school.
  2. If not, upload your school supply list.
  3. Come back in 48 hours and click to order your supplies.
  4. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
PackEd School Supplies - For Teachers


  1. Check to see if your school is listed as a partner school.
  2. If not, register your class or school.
  3. Grab a cup of coffee and order your school supplies from the comfort of your home!

Has your school set up ordering yet?


We love to partner with schools.

PackEd creates school supply boxes that are customized to individual schools & grade levels. We will also deliver packages directly to the school.  Once you learn about our no hassle partnership you will want to sign up!