School Partnerships

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What Schools Do?

  • Make a list of supplies needed for each class.
  • Give marketing materials to parents.
  • Encourage families to purchase supplies from PackEd.

How do schools get involved?

PackEd School Supplies creates school supply boxes that are customized to individual schools & grade levels.


 Here is how a partnership with your school works: 


STEP 1 - Your school provides PackEd a supply list (upload it through the form below) specific for each grade.

STEP 2 - PackEd provides a cost quote specific to each list on our Place Your Order page. 

STEP 3 - Your school decides to participate based on the quote provided.

STEP 4 - PackEd meets with your school and provides an online link for orders.

STEP 5 - PackEd delivers school supplies to your school for each student who placed an order.

PackEd School Supplies - Get Started with PackEd School Supplies and Upload your School Supply List

Get Started. Upload your school supply list.

Give us your school supply list, so parents and guardians can just click and place an order directly from our website.

Once your list is uploaded to our website through the form below, we'll send you a link directly to your school's Pack Ed School Supplies order portal.

PackEd School Supplies - We Partner with Local Schools in the Decatur/Macon County, Illinois area

We partner with local schools, too.

Do you live around the Decatur/Macon County, Illinois area? Stop by PackEd School Supplies office any weekday between the hours of 9am and 5pm to place your order for school supplies. Payments can be made by cash, check, debit/credit at the office.  We look forward to meeting you.